Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Love the theme.. mostly because my life revolves around music. So 10/10.
  2. 10/10!
    The tones all match well, personally I would maybe add a little more gold accents to the left side, maybe change the nightstand, just to balance it! But still love the theme!
  3. 8.5/10

    Really cute! I don't think the rug and floor go together super well so I would change one of them. Also, I think the 999 is too dark compared to how most everything else is bright & green or yellow!
  4. 9.5/10
    the 999 kinda off the color compared to other things, but still matches the theme
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  5. I like the portion of your dorm the from the desk to the chair the most :D it’s works well with the wallpaper but I’m not 100% feeling the bed and nightstand with the dorm nonetheless it’s a great mix of items used! Nice job 7✨
  6. 8.7
    Floor seems a bit bland, chair doesn’t rly fit theme. Poster could be cuter
  7. 8/10 💕 Cool dorm..although I think it would b better if u add lil bit of purple to right side💜
  8. 10/10
    soooo gooooooddd. the colors complement each other very well & i love the item choices ✨👌
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  9. 10/10
    Your room is great & well put together, plus I really like your 499💕
  10. 9/10 everything works together really nicely, it’s just the 999 is out of place imo
  11. 9/10 Cute room I love the whole theme and colours the only thing I don’t like is the chair it seems a bit out of place
  12. 8/10
    v-day furni is too bright for your grunge furni
    My advice, maybe some white wp like eggshel or light festival will make it better
    Also use lovebird floor
  13. luv the dorm luv the colors 10/10 😍👍
  14. 8/10
    Some things don't match, especially the 499, thr other are pretty cool already👍
  15. 8/10
    Pride dorm flag doesn't match to your dorm
    If you wanna use brown wp, i guess blackletter or ritzy wp is good for your dorm
    Also use white floor to match it with your peacock
  16. 10/10 lot of effort in it! Looks great!
  17. 10/10 You dorm is so cute I love that 999!
  18. 9/10, I love the plant theme 💕
  19. 9/10 I love it all but I would recommend a different poster. That 999 is so cute!
  20. 10/10!! I love your room sooo much 😍