Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. I love everything except the bed. Or maybe it’s the poster. But 10/10 cuz it’s so unique. I love how you can mix and match so much these days.
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  2. 9/10 it’s very vibrant and flows well
  3. 10/10 love that you mixed a few hints yet managed to maintain a distinct color palette and style 🎆🎆🎆
  4. Some items don’t quite fit. Like the desk is too green and some shelf items too. I think it needs a more neutral or frosty desk. 8/10 It is quite nice looking so that’s definitely good.

    pls lemme know what you think of mine. It’s theme is like Cirque du Freak.
  5. 8/10 I like your dorm I’d say maybe a different bookcase and above plant but I like where you’re going with it 😊
  6. 10/10 Love it!! All the greenery goes so well!

    My dorms not where I want it, something's missing plz lmk lol
  7. Overall looking v nice. Instead of using brown n black single color furnis trying putting ones which have both colors in . I think it would help blending better. 9/10💕
  8. It's got a nice soft feel to it, I like it. But idk what it is but something seems off? Like it all doesn't go together perfectly. But overall, super nice. 8/10.
  9. 9/10 Such a cute cabin, cozy vibe room.
    Love that 499
  10. 9/10 I absolutely adore the purple glowy look of it! Just a suggestion, perhaps try using a different floor. I see what you're going for, but it stands out a bit. With the right floor, it would be a perfect dorm imo!
  11. 10/10 💜 Love the 999
  12. 10/10 love how cute your dorm is 😍
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  13. 10/10
    I really love it but it’s kinda hard to see the 499 because it blends in with the colors of the rug.
  14. 9/10
    I reallly like your 999 ecs
    But i think you should replace your rug into geode rug

    Then bookcase into HnY/pembroke/Geode
    For plant you can try holidaze

    Feel free to give me a sugestion which furniture should input to make my new dorm become more awesome 🤗
  15. Oh wrong, it's dortoir plant
    Not holidaze
  16. 9/10 🖤 I know where ur going but the
    wallpaper n floor making yr dorm less cool. Try black and white striped or starry night sky wp( kinda forgot exact name) . Or even bf wp but u might need to change into more gold n black color furnis on the left side of dorm.
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  17. Cute af 10 ✨✨
  18. Nice combo. I think nuspace floor would be better match but again I m not sure if it would make the 499 less visible.🤔 9️⃣💕
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  19. 8,5/10
    🤔 Your floor, bookcase, nightstand and bottom shelf looks so blended
  20. 9/10
    Bcs its pretty much a set🤔