Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. Can I at least get some constructive criticism?
  2. 5. @Maddi_Matsu While everything is very colorful, I'm not sure it all works well together. I think it could use a brighter, more neon poster, and more colorful shelves if that's the direction you wanted to go in. Although, I do like the balance the black couch and bookcase bring to the room. Maybe it would all work better with a different wallpaper?
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  3. 9.5/10. Panelled dark wall would be perfect I guess.
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  4. 8/10 Live the green theme overall, the 999 is out of place and it’s a starter. Hope you find one that matches! 💕🌱
  5. 8/10 a playful set of garden fun... great for the season... personally I love to mixed hunts in design challenges and a mix in shelving items for example could connect to the green in bed and rug etc
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  6. 8/10 the colors go well together and fits great for this season 👌
  7. 8/10 Looks great! Just needs a different bed.
  8. 9/10 your dorm is freaking cute. Get 999 faster please!
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  9. 9.It's cute. I don't love the way the soloroids fit the room and it's not my style, but it's a cute mix.
  10. 6/10 I like the desk and right side. The red rug & bed don’t really look good with the wallpaper tho
  11. Hm - I like it 7/10 ... need to get a better 999... I want your mogul shelf
  12. 9/10
    It's a nice warm room just a different wallpaper would be better
  13. 8/10 499, desk, and above plant dont match😕
  14. 7/10 I like the theme you’re going for but a few things don’t match
  15. Um 6/10? The theme matches but the looks not really
  16. 6.5/10 poster, plant and above plant throw me off a bit otherwise pretty nice 🕷🕸