Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 9/10 just missing a 999
  2. 10/10 I love all the gold accents everywhere
  3. 10/10. Love the 999 along with the dark theme.
  4. Only one hunt and no 999. Not a bad hunt. 7/10
  5. Very cute mix 😍 I want your shelves πŸ’ž 9/10
  6. 10/10 Lovely dorm that wallpaper looks so good with the dorm set and that floor too 😍🐯
  7. 9/10 love the colours! 999 on point πŸ‘ŒπŸ» just the easter themed nightstand i feel is a little out of place
  8. 9/10, the lamp is weird and the bedside table but I like the rest
  9. 9/10 love your 499 frenchie
  10. 10/10 I love mixed dorms and yours is lovely 999 is amazing 🌹
  11. Lovely combination. The above plant doesn’t fit. 8/10
  12. 10/10 cute dorm. Everything matches 🌷
  13. 9.8/10 Bunny Theme 🐰 i love how the way u combined all the bunnies things from different hunt. It's fab 😍. Hope ull find bunny bed. And imho i think the wp doesn't fit well.
  14. 8/10
    That 999 is just... I don't like it at all
    But the overall room is very warm looking! Like the theme very much
  15. 9.5/10 I love that mix and the 499 works soo well πŸ’ž First time I’ve seen that 999 work in a dorm, so I live 😍
  16. 10/10 Its so cute and i love how u didnt just do the whole co-z dormπŸ’•
  17. 7/10 everything you have so far looks great, just missing a desk, 499, and 999 πŸ™‚
  18. Hmmm interesting concept with the black magic effect I feel like something is missing can’t put my finger to it yet I’ll get back to you πŸ€” but it’s a nice dorm! ✨