Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. 9/10 i love space/galaxy dorms 💙 i wouldve gone w unicorn nebula 999 for this dorm tho. purple in it would’ve matched dormspace bed better imo.
  2. 10/10 I love all the plants
  3. The Easter is cute but the bed/poster is crazy off 🙈💞 8/10
  4. 10/10
    Nothing seems off about it
  5. 9/10 only because of no 999
  6. @Jack0613
    7. The plant, lamp and 499 seem out of place.
  7. 7.5 / 10 !!
    Something about your bed fits in so well with the dorm. However, some of the more neon and bright aspects of the room (rug, 499) seem a tiniest bit out of place with the pastel color palette. I also suggest getting a new 999, or a floor to marry the pastel pinks and the beige contrast of the 999!
  8. 9/10 it looks nice and elegant
  9. CHULO that 999 is awesome ur dorms are always so perfect 😍 10/10
  10. 9/10
    Love the dorm! It's so peaceful!
    Just don't like the 499 lol
  11. @The

  12. 6/10 — I really want your desk.
  13. 8/10 a cool mix and match
  14. 10/10Looks like a real life dorm 🥳
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  15. 8/10
    i think different shelf items and a different 499 could improve the room
  16. 9.5/10.Maybe a different poster?
  17. 10/10. That is one adorable dorm ♥️
    (mine is a mess 😅)
  18. 7/10 it's not the messiest dorm I've seen but a few things could be better. I really like how the dragons tie in with the floral-ness of the dorm in the 999 area
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  19. 9/10 not a big fan of set dorms but I love your 499