Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 9/10. Love the cozy feel to it! Wonderful Job! πŸ’•
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  2. 8/10 I’m obsessed with your monkey 499 so cute omg, the peaches match the farmhouse vibe!
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  3. 9/10 super dope and i love the combo of pieces, not sure if i love the shelves but it’s a super pretty dorm regardless
  4. @Hera
    8, Its a pretty blend; I think there could be a better 499 for it, and the bed and above desk bleed into the wallpaper in a way I don't like personal preference
  5. Can’t really tell what you are truely going for o_Odark themed or Easter themed, I’m confused πŸ˜‚ 3/10
  6. 8/10
    I love it! Other than the chair and 999... But that's just me personally not liking themπŸ™ˆ
    But great dorm otherwise!
  7. I'm not really into Easter themed stuff but if I were to give an unbiased rating, probably an 8/10
  8. 9/10.Everything fits together.I love how the above desk blends in perfectly.Still missing a 999 tho
  9. 8.5/10 cute, try a different wallpaper?
  10. 10/10! The mix works so well, and I’m in love with your 499 Frenchie 😍:p
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  11. 10. The 499 looks cute in there
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  12. 9/10, cool but maybe try darker shade for your poster?
  13. 8/10
    I love your wp!
    Where's the 999 tho?
  14. 8/10 really summery and cute ! however id definitely change abv desk as this one way too dark for firebrand wp. there are might be better options for poster and abv bed as well.
  15. Its nice but not quite my person style, so 9/10
  16. 8/10 nice 999
  17. 9/10.Maybe try a a brown wp
  18. Very cute πŸ’™
    Something about the right side is a little crowded for me, i think its the hanging 999 and the hanging overchair
    Changing the plant miight fix it? or the overchair ofcourse
    I just think the items need a little wall space to breathe