Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. 9/10 I would change the chair and above plant. Everything else is super πŸ’˜
  2. Suuuper cute, 10/10 tbh ❀️ love it
  3. 10/10 Your dorm is so high in stats and beauty 🀩 tbh what’s not to love about stellarama, especially with that 999!
  4. 9/10

    So cuteeeeee
  5. 10/10 I love your dorm πŸ’˜ everything fits 😍
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  6. 8.5/10 i really like the combination! I think a darker bookcase might mesh better with the style
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  8. Nope, but tysm for thinking so 🀧
  9. Its cute I think the hyenas 999 would look cute in your dorm so overall a 6/10
  10. @Victoria 8/10 the table doesn't match but ur dorm is cute
  11. 6/10, I kind of get the theme you're going for but maybe change your lamp and bedside table? they cute tho. oh, and maybe a better desk
  12. 5/10, I think it’s coming along nicely! The mix-and-match furni can be a bit tedious when working with these furnis, but the gold and blue from the stellarama and dortoir mode unite well. However, I do think that the plant, rug, and poster need to be replaced with a different one, and maybe desk as well (since the brown tones don’t match with the elegant galaxy one palette you have). Oh, and don’t forget the 999 haha, I recommend the mannequin 999 <3
  13. Its cute 8/10
  14. 8/10, like the galaxy theme but the lamp and 999 don't really match
  15. 9/10 cool rustic dorm. the colors of the 499 actually fits v nicely wow
  16. 7/10. The desk is is a bit out of place and so is the wp but overall the other furni looks good
  17. @iLacyThotWantsToSpankYou
    oh my fancy garters your dorm is gorgeous 10/10 wouldn't change a thing 🧑🧑🧑
  18. 9/10, love the mystic/magical vibes it gives off plus, all the animals are cute asf too
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  19. super cute! i love all the plants πŸ₯° just need the 999 now! 9/10
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  20. Oh i never seen a dorm like that before. I mean the theme idea like your dorm. It's so cute honestly 😍 and that's so not mainstream.
    I give 9.5/10 πŸ˜†