Rate my Dorm Game

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  1. 7.5/10? Honestly im kinda confused πŸ™ˆ probably bcs the bookcase n desk dont match the color theme πŸ€”
  2. 7/10

    Some things don't quite match but it's nice
  3. 9/10 everything seems to go together pretty well :) very grungy 😊
  4. 10/10 amazingly witchy
  5. 7/10 You're on the right track just tweak a few things like the wallpaper, floor, bookcase, chair. Other than that I can definitely see the theme you're going for.
  6. 9/10
    I love it! Wish the wallpaper was diffrent but otherwise it's great
  7. 7.5/10
    really cool underwater dorm 🐠 love that it matches your avi!
    not feeling the shelf items, desk, and rug though
  8. 8/10 super classy room :p not sure if the black to blue really works tho.
  9. 6/10. Digging the bright colors β€” where’s the 999??
  10. 7/10
    A different wallpaper might look better
  11. 7.5/10 it’s not my taste but I never seen a similar mix before so nice job on that! desk missing and I think another wp/floor would work better
  12. 9.5/10

    I love the mixture but the midshelf doesn't fit very well
  13. I absolutely love what you are going for. Only the 499 seems a bit out of place. 9.5/10 :p
  14. 9/10 I love co-z furniture πŸ’˜
  15. 10/10 Gorgeous! Love the mix of light and dark pieces it’s so pretty
  16. ooo fancy 10/10
  17. 8/10 the wallpaper looks weird.
  18. 10/10, love the white and gold aesthetic
  19. 10/10 I love it. Is the absence of 999 intentional? I totes dig that empty space
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  20. 10/10 Your dorm is always the best πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–
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