Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 8/10 You're almost there with the BF set! However, I like a mix of hunts
  2. 10/10 😍 looks so nice and refreshingπŸ‘ somehow the plant doesn't really fit the color but it certainly match the theme πŸ™†

    i i just redecorate dorm, much appreciated if u suggest me some items to matchπŸ’•
  3. 8/10 I love it omg! How'd you get that 499ec 🀧

    Anyway, the nightstand/lamp/999ec/Above desk don't really fit the theme or color. I suggest:

    Above desk: moon phases hanging thing
    Lamp: lava lamp or the neon wave bust
    999ec: stellarama, telescope, or unicorn neb.
  4. 8/10

    It's a nice mix that flows well
  5. 10/10 everything works!
  6. 10/10. Not my style but I πŸ–€ it
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  7. 7/10, some furnis looks so random and not matching the whole look
  8. 8/10 i like the kinda vintage look
  9. 7/10 loving the colour scheme!! Few missing items and a new chair and plant would look good but overall has great potential. πŸ’–
  10. 9/10 not really my type of dorm. But it looks great. The plants, colors, they combine perfectly. πŸ₯
  11. 9/10

    I'd swap a few things out but looks great overall
  12. 10/10 Chulo

    I want all of it - mainly the desk and 999
  13. 7/10, didn't match that well... some furni looks so random.
  14. The dorm is beautiful luv luv luv that 999 😍 the puppy is so precious πŸ•
  15. 8/10 isa good dorm u have there
  16. 8/10 dig the vibe and like the pieces you mixed in
  17. 10/10 I love the golden that's spread out around the entire dorm. The blue fits perfectly with it.
  18. 7/10 The poster, 999, and chair looked way off for the rest of the dorm. But I like what you are going for.
  19. 9/10 not a big fan of 499. But what could go wrong with Coz furnis, right? πŸ₯ I would like sleep in there.
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  20. 9/10 would be somewhere I'd love to hide in