Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 6/10.

    This feels mean but I don’t think biblio and gaming furni matches all that well although I appreciate experimentation with different hunts, and unfortunately there’s no 999 or 499, however keep it up, it’s clear you’ve put effort into finding items that fit the same hunt :)
  2. 10/10
    Love the colors
  3. 9/10
    Your chair, desk and poster are a little dark conpared to the loght brown of the rest of the dorm. Also the plant is a weird colour w the brown.
  4. 7/10, the shelf items, desk, and 999 are off
  5. 8/10 not complete
  6. 10/10 love it
  7. 7/10.

    Everyone has this dorm I like how the avi matches though, there’s nothing really creative about it though.
  8. 9/10
    Great Concept 
    But the colourful things on desk and above plant furni seems slightly bit different than others.
  9. 9/10, aside from the 999, I honestly really dig the mix you’ve got
  10. 9/10. I'm in love with that adorable lamp ?
  11. 7/10 its nice and complete ?? Just prefer mixed dorms ?
  12. 8/10 i like, just the red in the 999ec isn’t really meshing well for me.
  13. 7/10 you have my fav hammock ? its so cute ?
  14. 6/10 some parts go together really well but it’s just all over the place for me sorry, just not my style ?
  15. I love ur dorm, just chnge ur above desk
  16. 8/10 looks quite nice 
  17. 7/10 idk it’s too much happening