Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Let's start a new game :) (In case there are not enough games for you)

    Simply rate the dorm room of the user above you and write a few words about what you would do in there.

    1 - Meh ~
    10 - Yeh <3

    Here's an example:
    "5. I would totally wash your laundry."

    Easy, eh?
    Have fun being creative, nice or not so nice - whatever you're good at. 
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  2. 5. I would pick those undies up off your ground for you if you provide the gloves :lol:
  3. 8. Your chair needs to be place in my dorm (for blair)
  4. 4 for still using a typewriter
  5. 10 I want some of those strawberries ?
  6. 6. But I could so die happily in that bed.
  7. 8. Tea party time
  8. 9 time to play games and chill <3 (or rage whatever you prefer more)
  9. 6. I'd play whose more basic with you
  10. 6. I would steal your storage baskets to match my room. ?
  11. 10/10 goals
  12. 6 better than mine so
  13. Why would you spend that much $$ on any part of this game lmao
  14. 3. Ill take the poster?
  15. 2. Pretty empty, lmfao.
    I'd still sit in that directors chair and steal a beer from your mini fridge and drink it while chilling.
  16. Send me all of your goldfish 
  17. 3 get that wire taking care of you will start a fire
  18. 9 recommend my friend to find a room like that for their honeymoon