Raffle/Giveaway Scam Guide?

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Guide on detecting raffle and giveaway scams?

  1. Yes, let's stop these scams

  2. No, people can figure it out themselves

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  1. Can someone make it? I've been asked so many times 12 times last week yes I kept track but if you've seen my other forum threads I'm horrible at making them as I've been told thanks. I got all of the info on it but I'm terrible at making forum threads!

    I'll make it if I have to but it won't look good, it'll cover everything you need to know though!

    Also input on the guide?

    I like polls so I'm doing one
  2. I don’t think you should put the term “scam” in...but perhaps a general thread for making fair raffles?

    Even then though I’m not certain there’s a need, but if you need assistance feel free to reach out.
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  3. I think this would be super beneficial to the community. Since calling out individual scammers is against the rules (and people can always change name anyway), the best route of action is to promote awareness on what red flags to look for to identify scammers prior to a transaction being attempted.

    Some of the big things: be wary of gift-trading with noob/smaller accounts (you don't need to actively avoid it, but just be aware that some bigger players hide behind them to escape consequences like being farmed), and don't assume that just because someone has "Trusted Trader" on their wall that they're 100% honest. And to try to do as much trading on the in-game trade system as possible -- for ex., don't do a furni trade through gifts because there's no good reason to.
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  4. I want to see it be very critical. Use terms like gambling, probability, casino, house-rigging, etc. in your deconstruction.

    Because some people see their raffles as one rather than just something fun.

    I would talk about how, as raffles have become more common, they have become less special or exciting, had reduced prizes, been cheapened, and latched onto by leeches who crave attention or profits.

    Talk about unoriginal and boring prizes, as well as how they fit in the bigger picture. How do they compare to competitions? Why do people host raffles rather than competitions? Who participates? Lazy people? What do we celebrate in raffles?

    What is the metaphysical meaning and synbolism of a raffle?
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  5. Oh, now that you mention it I do feel like as of late I've seen more raffles being held more frequently than I used to. :eek:
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  6. I wonder if maybe people didn’t realize they could use forums for raffles? 😮
  7. Not just in forums, but in campus/pub too.
  8. Oh there are so many people keeping it alive. See as many posts in pub about raffles as you do about rp.
  9. I love the feedback from everyone. I will definitely use a broader range of terms as my vocabulary is limited. I will definitely look to touch up on some things that were mentioned but not original thought of.
  10. I think the forums would be best for competitions and contests especially for dorm ones as people can post pictures so I think an outline on that and about forum raffles, giveaways, competitions, etc... will be very helpful.