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Are you self quarantined?

  1. Yes because I choose to

  2. Yes because I was told to via stay in place orders

  3. No because I’m stickin it to the man

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  1. Since I’m bored and stuck in my house I’m wondering what everyone else is doing. I’ve seen a lot of different responses to all this craziness so I’m curious.
  2. Practicing the ukulele and watching movies. If I hadn't gone to Colombia I might have chanced venturing into the outdoors but when I got home from the airport I was sick af for like 2 days and am still recovering so I'd rather not go out and accidentally kill/infect old people. And everyone know's I went and most ppl ik live nearby so if they see me outside even just getting groceries after I was legally told I had to quarantine for 14 days they gonna judge/be mad, so. The social pressure/me not feeling well is keeping me here.
  3. I've left my house 2x today. Went for a walk & delivered some groceries to my grandma's front porch. I'm a rebel.
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  4. Those two things are allowed during social distancing though. You only need to literally quarantine if you've been travelling or show symptoms. I think a lot of people don't understand what social distance is which is why they're getting mad that ppl are visiting friends, but this thing is gonna last for months. You're just not supposed to chill in large groups/stand too close to strangers/get your germs all over public spaces.
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  5. I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar 🎸
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  6. Playing the video games I bought years ago for the very first time, watching TV shows that are on my list but then stopping mid-season to watch another show only to stop at the middle over again, drawing portraits now that I have time
  7. I'm bothered there is no option for "No, because i am required to still work"
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  8. It apparently suggested even if you don't show symptoms though. People could have it and not know it and spread it to more people who end up having it and not knowing it, then so on and so on
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  9. Are we just not supposed to see anyone for half a year then tho? Peeps are saying it could last til September or even longer. I won't be meeting any tinder strangers or whatever but after my quarantine I still have around 5 ppl that I'll occasionally go see 👀
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  10. I know, I just like to feel like a badass.
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  11. It's only anticipated to last so long becuase of the people who don't self quarantine and are still going out with friends, furthering the spread and whatnot. It's kinda impossible to not see anyone for that long but even if you end up seeing friends you should try and practice social distancing while with them.
    So no touchy
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  12. Disagreed on why the length is long. Social distancing is just to stop the spread not to eradicate the illness. We won't be able to stop social distancing until they come up w a good vaccine which will take who knows how long.
  13. My county is under a stay-at-home order by our state governor.

    I had been quarantined by choice for the week prior because I live with an at-risk, immuno-compromised individual and my employer was kind enough to give me off from work until further notice.
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  14. No, because apparently a wine shop is essential 😉🥂

    Tbh, I'm really happy and feeling pretty blessed to still have a job to go to right now. We're practicing social distancing ofc (only 1 person at the warehouse at a time, and curbside pickups only).
  15. Our whole country has been put into self isolation for 4weeks minimum, apart from essential services
  16. Our country lockdown 3week
  17. Am not quarantined at the moment. My workplace is one of the shops that vowed to stay open during this pandemic so people can get what they need. Luckily they’re treating everyone nicely and upping our pay to $15 an hour and even giving us free food.
    If things do go south and ALL shops are forced to close, then I will be playing VrChat, creating some music, and working on my social skills 🤓✌🏻
  18. I mean I wish I could still work.
  19. Shelter in place orders are in effect as of today but seeing as how they closed everything down weeks ago there really wasn’t any reason to leave the house anyway. I went to Target on Saturday and bought a switch lite and am working from home and playing Animal Crossing til all this blows over.

    Also RIP SXSW 2020 and any awesome event that was supposed to happen this year.
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  20. I know a lot of people are laid off, my partner may be one of them too.