PVP Changes: Misc Rebalance, Matchmaking, and Peace Tags

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  1. Legitimate question - Personally, you're not anywhere near your misc cap, so you can still get a lot more misc without hitting it.

    What you're talking about is a different issue - hit ranges are quite wide in PIMD and always have been. We've heard a lot of complaints about this over the years, and many are resurfacing now with so many eyes on PVP this week. Now that people's "power" is being estimated more correctly for matchmaking, it's probably a good time to do some work to determine whether the hit ranges are too wide. We've added it to our list of things to do some analysis on.
  2. Rebalance PVP. People way over double your stats can hit and dance off like bullies. You can't hit back because of course they've taken all your tutors and are too strong. Waaaaa!

  3. What About peace sign entireclub ?
  4. Too op no support
  5. I don't agree with the peace tag. To be honest, I'd like to see this game reroute towards pvp and make it more interesting. Add that factor into the game to keep people mor eon edge etc. You just have to think through what you can add to pvp to make it more interesting and beneficial for players who want to keep up with hunts etc.
  6. Ata too op pls nerf
  7. I'm glad about the peace tag. There are some people who are total not cool with the farm. To the point of abusing the Farming thing. A Peace tag could definitely help those who are learning the game.
  8. How does it help them? Maybe hide for a couple hours, but once it has expired they'll still have to face their farmer.
    Bring something out that helps teach the player to better defend themselves instead of encouraging them to run away and hide. It's not helping the situation and only further ensures that a player spends their time running instead of actually facing the fact that they need to learn about pvp. Peace tags only prelong the inevitable.
  9. I honestly am sorra happy about the peace tags. I know some people are unhappy about it, but there are alot of people who farm to scam people of their items and even try to farm people for inappropriate reasons that are off game. Not everyone wants to be dragged into pvp either so this is a fair way to make a farmer lose interest.I know alot of people are unhappy about this
    but I think it's fair for those who don't want to be involved.
  10. I never had high misc. I had low misc and high TB.
  11. I never had high misc. I had low misc and high TB.
  12. And also the ability to double-post in threads I can't delete comments in, apparently
  13. It’s an ata thread, you’re stuck looking embarrassed and such by mistakes
  14. How do u get misc???
  15. I just used my 3 day peace tag because I’d rather like to keep my cat club money safe until my session is done but I feel like garbage for using it because I hate the peace tags yet like them at the same time (c" ತ,_ತ)
  16. Congratulations, you're a fairy now
  17. It’s my first cat club 
  18. You used a 3 day peace tag on it though so that explemifies the fact that you joined a cc session