PVP Changes: Misc Rebalance, Matchmaking, and Peace Tags

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  1. Good thing I already quit or I'd be pissed that y'all brought koh shields to pimd LMAO. I like the misc thing tho
  2. So I guess I probably should start saving my misc items instead of giving them away ?
  3. omg kitten imy
  4. Nah keep giving them away to people, for example me
  5. i wonder how many ppl who say they dont like the peace tags actually farm on a regular basis tho ?

    like im legit curious.
  6. I’ve been checking everyone who’s opposed it so far and lul at the numbers. Farmers will use the tags, it’ll without a doubt happen
  7. This shi traah
  8. qt strange is back. and i love you :)

    but what the fuck is this peace thing?  lets hope it stays temporary. ??‍♀️
  9. fuçk* pfft ? and i just don’t like the peace thing cause it’s protection for your virtual money. ? seems unnecessary to me, but again, that’s just me.
  10. Yeah i think its just one of those bandwagon things. Sheeple follow the hoard. Not saying im for the peace tags, just don’t care if they get implemented or not as i don’t claim to be a farmer.
  11. also forgot to add that if u look at krazy’s poll on the peace tags, the majority vote is “yes keep them” that speaks a lot. ppl wont speak out unless its anonymously.
  12. Hey everyone - I totally goofed up. I neglected to add to the original post that your RS bonus also contributes to your cap.

    The correct formula is:
    2* dorm stats + 4* tutor stats + 4* rs bonus

    For many people, this means that if you do the math using the old formula, you'll seem capped, but you're not actually capped.

    For example, many of the players complaining on this thread.... Jordy, Bethany, EatenBackToLife, FlyingPenguin, WildfireAJ - none of you are actually capped out for your misc when you include your RS bonus raising the cap.

    This was totally a goof up on my part. I'm sorry, everyone. I've updated the post to reflect this.

  13. I support the misc rebalance. I think the peace signs deserve a fair shot although they do seem terribly unbalanced, perhaps some real world testing might show obvious improvements that can be made, or it might be scrapped, but the concept has been a requested item by "faeries" for ages. All the farmers whining about these changes seem to think they're the only people who play PIMD genuinely, yet there are tons of people who enjoy playing it for the non-pvp aspect and now they're just throwing a temper tantrum because they can't rule the school yard anymore ? calling yourselves the only legitimate players, omg get over yourselves.
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  14. What about the message I sent via help? Or should I post here to get a reply?
  16. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  17. Like if you’re ranting off about how bad it is but the closest thing to “farming” you’ve ever had is eating a potato just relax
  18. Also I love how ata is just low key calling people out on not being capped ?makes me laf
  19. How does all this interact with percentage bonuses from pets/avi/dorm ????
  20. I like the whole misc rebalancing thing. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been farmed, and when I try and hit back it tells me the player is “too weak” because they dropped dormie stats but have enough misc to successfully hit me. The people complaining about that are the same ones who were abusing the system.