UPDATE Put a stop to scamming.

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  1. Yes I would love to stop the scammers here
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  2. boring day
  3. Oh! Good heavens! I remember when the mere mention of the S word got you silenced by Mods/PIMD Campus Security.
    Glad to see you're actually against it now.
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  4. If you guys really want to put a stop to scamming then please check out any PIMD groups on Facebook. I joined one to ask a question about PIMD and 99.9% of it is people SELLING their accounts,bentos and other items . That’s where y’all should crack down cause those are the main Scams .
  5. Agreed and don't try buying accounts from Reddit!
  6. My shop won't load it keeps just say loading I have shut my app restarted it and all is there a glitch
  7. Thank you dear
  8. no stop it is not cool and my child has been playing this game since she wes 7
  9. This game is ages 17+ though...
  10. Thanks for the info!!
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  12. No they said 300 that’s how much they owe me . A bet is a bit
  13. I’ve only been using this account for 7 days and I’ve lost count of how many sugar baby scams I’ve got, I was caught of guard at first the idea seemed to be nice until I got another 3 within 24 hours then I realised it must be a scam can’t see that many people giving money out that easily, it was all written the same way as well
  14. Its worth looking up on the most popular social video streaming service a documentary on "pig butchering crypto scammers" as i have definitely been asked about this type of thing on here. Luckily i turned them down but if your aware if it your less likely to fall for it.
  15. Thank you for putting that out there 🫶🏻♥️
  16. This game is 16+. A 7 year old child should not be playing this.
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