Puppy Parties

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by KehlaniDeLaRenta, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I’m just here to petition for Puppy Parties. They would operate like Cat Cafe, except for with dogs, obviously. Maybe we could drop a dog bone to start the party.
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  2. Would be cool if it was like the pro version of cats, I’ve seen plenty of posts wanting a harder cat cafe over the years.
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  3. I’m gonna add on to this post :)

    I think have the dog bones drop from cat parties as a rare drop. They’ll drop x18 instead of x12 (I believe that’s cat). And devs can add a few extra rare drops (like llama and kitsune)
  4. I'm not fully opposed but I'm not fully supportive either.

    Cool concept doe
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  5. I like the idea of making it a pro version of cat and v rare cat drop.
  6. The idea of a premium harder than CC is really interesting. We get that with invites every now and then and it's always nice for stronger players.

    I'm sure people would be on board and happily pay more for the drop item if it's worth it.
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  7. No support.

    While cats seem to be overwhelmingly favored on this game I don’t think another paid party is necessary.
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  8. Cats are gross... dogs are adorable