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  1. Letting people like Ate_Em roam free to harass peeps but a civil discussion on a certain form of media that never got graphic is where the line is drawn.

    Priorities yo
  2. Was your thread deleted? Damn, the conversation was super civil. I've seen much worse here.
  3. I was wondering why I had "7 notifications" but only could see 3. :(
  4. Wow. I dont understand this game honestly. We have the lovely pub chat where horrid things go down but we cant have a mature discussion in forums? Alright.
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  5. Yikes, i was wondering where it went.

    So much for a 17+ game
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  6. What happened?
  7. Looks like Wednesdays thread Pegging got deleted
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  8. Oh, I guess nothing new here. Same old forums, same old mods.
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  9. Up2nogood keeps making alts rip
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  10. I wrote a couple paragraphs that I was waiting to submit. 🥺
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  11. I asked ata why it got deleted and they just closed my ticket 🙄 dumb af
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  12. As far as I know, nothing about it was against ToU or anything??? So dumb indeed.
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  13. It was pretty graphic
  14. Not really
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  15. Ig you don't know what the word means
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  16. I've seen more graphic and the thread only get locked, not deleted. I guess someone may have submitted a personal complaint finding it offensive rather than ATA or a mod coming across it and deciding it violated ToU, if that makes sense. The last time I remember something like that happening was when Kitten shared her tongue split. Although that was semi-graphic photos... emphasis on semi though...
  17. It wasn't deleted? I can't find it tho and the notifications from it have disappeared for me
  18. No, I mean the occasions I'm thinking of wherein the content was more graphic had resulted in only a lock. Your thread was mildly graphic and got deleted.
  19. Was weird that it got deleted
  20. Let's continue the conversation irl. I'll go stand in my front yard and yell my response really loud. Make sure you guys are outside too and are listening very well before I go hoarse
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