Presenting: Zodiac Avatars! Which One Are You?

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  1. Team Taurus
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  2. I know the feeling... We are so many broke persons around...
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  3. Capricorn ♑
  4. I need aries shards please gift me some or i can trade all my shards for aries ty:)
  5. Aries shards please♈🙏❤️
  6. Also looking for greek shards
  7. i love them two but im a lep virgo cusp meaning im both i wish yall made some cusp avis
  8. Looking for Zodiac Furni!!
  9. :)Wow I think that’s cool I’m new so I have not be here be my FRIEND my name is Jade come to my it’s with a cheerleader byes
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  10. I'm looking for Capricorn shards. I'm willing to trade other shards for them
  11. Could someone please help me with zodiac shards and furniture :D? I really love them ❤❤❤
  12. > Libra Shards Please !
  13. Selling Libra Shards 800-6🍱 WMID/ADD ME
  14. Cna you look at my showcase and choose something to give me 800 libra shards
  15. Please tell your kids that I want to become your house wife