Presenting: Zodiac Avatars! Which One Are You?

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  1. Im willing to trade all my other Zodiac shards for scorpio. Add me if deal💖
  2. ♎️Buying Libra Shards 400 or Trading♎️ or gift unwanted Libra 💙
  3. I'm Virgo.. collecting Virgo shards
  4. Buying vip pass of black hunt wall em
  5. Trading all my other shards for Aries
  6. I'll trade with you
  7. I need libra shards please
  8. Saggitaraus!😊
  9. I need some Gemini shards if anyone want to help out!😂😭😭I’m halfway there!! Help me get my sun sign 😩
  10. I just want shards. HMU if you want to trade.
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  11. Can I get some Gemini shards pls
  12. I'm Libra ❤
  13. Im a Sagittarius
  14. Hi my room needs help decorating
  15. This is not the thread for that.
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  16. Sagittarius ♐️

  17. Selling greek shards👀
  18. I am Aquarius. Still collecting those shards.
  19. I'm a leo