Presenting: Zodiac Avatars! Which One Are You?

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  1. We absolutely have heard your feedback in making the zodiac signs come alive in PIMD, and so we figured, why not offer each of the 12 traditional zodiac signs as avatars?

    You asked for it, and here they are! Introducing Zodiac Shards!

    Here's how you can get your hands on ANY of the Zodiac Avatars your heart desires:

    Each zodiac sign will be represented by two avatars: one femme and one masc.

    Collect 800 Avatar Shards of a particular zodiac sign to get that sign's Avatar of your choice. Combine your 800 Avatar Shards with one of two Avatar Activators available at the Store to create your Avatar!

    Please make sure you don't have any other Zodiac Shards over 800 to ensure your Avatar Activator combines with your Zodiac Shard of choice (trade or host in an alt for the time being)! If you have more than one type of Zodiac Shard over 800, the Activators will randomly select one to auto-combine with!

    How To Get Zodiac Avatar Shards

    Shards will be dropping from event Boxes from now on! They will be replacing the Artist Series Bento pieces that typically drop from event Boxes.

    !!! HOT TIP !!!
    When that zodiac is in rotation, the stars will align and that particular zodiac shard will have a higher chance of dropping through event boxes ;) Yes, this means Shards will be available to earn even after Black Friday!

    That's one way... and here's another: special Black Friday Zodiac Shard Boxes!

    Zodiac Shard Boxes

    [cue: angel choir singing in the bg]

    During Black Friday 2018, Zodiac Shard Boxes will be available for sale at the Store, which contain 1,000 random Shards! These Boxes can be purchased with Cash and opened for 149 EC!

    These Boxes will be available until noon PST on Thursday November 29th.

    Which One Are You?

    Hot preview. Tag yourselves, I'm Aries!

    UPDATE | Nov 26


    If you have both M and F Avatar Activators, the M Activator will be the first to activate. If you would prefer to use your Shards for femme versions first, please make sure you do not have an M Activator on your account.

    Hope y'all are enjoying these beauties!
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  7. I'm Libra but I like most of them ??
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  10. WOWZA, Can We Gift Them Too?
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