Pregnant Woman Deserve Free Extra Credits

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  1. Support af. Pregnant men, too, don't be discriminatory
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  2. But where does it come out😱
  3. Have you not seen the articles of trans-men getting pregnant?
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  4. OMG you just made me have a flashback to the Oprah episode where the boyfriend was a girl and the girlfriend was a boy but the boyfriend was pregnant!
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  5. ☝🏽Geminis need that extra credit more.
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  6. you spelled Scorpios wrong🤗
  7. I think people who don't ask for extra ecs should get extra ecs.
  8. Only people with over 20k forum posts should get free ECs
  9. Lame
  10. Support. Esp people pregnant cuz of food
    this too😂😂😂😂
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  12. Pregnant women deserve no support
  13. It’s ur choice to be pregnant oop
  14. Never heard of “Accidental Pregnancies”?
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  15. Nope 😬🤣 🦂♏
  16. I agree!
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  17. No support then
  18. No such thing as accidental pregnancies, you legit have to make 5 decisions in a row to end up with a baby lmao