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  1. Is fucking stupid. I finish all of credits next June buuuut I can't call myself graduated until November, almost half a year later because that's when the next convocation is 😤🤐😐 this is just one of my many gripes w postsecondary. I want it to stop being required for jobs that don't require it. That is all.
  2. Transfer all your credits to a school with a sooner graduation 👌
  3. Would be good advice but all universities in Canada worth having on your resume require you to have at least 60 credits from their institution if you do a transfer 👀 das 2 years
  4. Well that is very dumb. Why don't they have a graduation every semester?
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  5. Wtf is postsecondary
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  6. College/university
  7. I feel this. I finish in December this year but won’t “graduate” until spring/summer 2021
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  8. Can’t relate. I’m changing my entire dedication once I finish this AA. ☹️
  9. Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary.
  10. Any education that occurs after high school. High school is considered secondary education. Then elementary and junior high/middle school are primary
  11. You're in alcoholics anonymous?
    Honestly I intend to change my career dedication multiple times but for now this degree will be mildly useful to me
  12. I saw this a lot with my old co-workers who went to school for registered massage therapy. I didn't know it also applied to other post secondary education.

    I've had friends finish school but have to wait up to 4 months to take their board exams because they only hold them twice a year. It's fuckin stupid
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  13. Omigod that reminds me of something. Canada only holds the topik (korean proficiency test) exam twice a year, multiple locations tho. You need to write the exam to get a job in translation or overseas buuuut they cancel the higher level exam if not enough people apply. I've had the exam cancelled on me multiple times now 🤐 I just have to straight up fly to korea to write it or smthing
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  14. That's so stoooppid. Shits broken asf