Post your confessions.

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  1. Oh thanks... I rarely get compliments ;). I’m getting the sense that you can relate? Oh look at the time...
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  2. I wash my hands after using the restroom😅
  3. you must make a lot of friends doing that stuff
  4. That’s not a confession, unless you meant that you don’t do that
  5. In which case, ew. It bothers me how much people don't wash their hands. Maybe coronavirus wouldn't have spread so far if they didn't wait to start til health organizations said they had do
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  6. I fell for my best friend then moved away without telling him while he was out of town so I wouldn't have to see the look on his face when I told him
  7. He showed up at my house to find it empty
  8. That’s kinda horrible
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  9. your social life is horrible. that is nothing
  10. Confession: One time i was paying for my grocery and cashier somehow got it wrong and ended up giving me more change than I should get. I didnt check my money until i got home. It was big amount, but I never returned it.
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  11. O, hmmm. Well, confessions... we could be here a while. 🌚 Now I'll insert a joke about having another glass of wine because I use humor to hide my emotions, but I'll probably really light a joint instead tbh.
  12. No CoronaVirus for you!
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  13. Sometimes I use hand sanitizer 😅😇
  14. One time back in high school, my friends and I were pissed off cuz these two country chicks were sitting across from us at lunchtime, so I said to one of my friends “I will give you $5 if you take your lunch tray and drop it in front of the girls and say ‘We don’t want your kind around here’ and just walk away.” Then he looked at me then at the girls then back at me again and he said “5 bucks is 5 bucks” and he picked up his school bag and lunch tray, walked over to the girls, and dropped his tray in front of them and said “We don’t want your kind around here,” he then ran over to me, grabbed the money and ran off so he wouldn’t get in trouble.
    I was laughing so hard and the girls were shocked and covered in marinara sauce and one of them looked at me and said “Do you know who that guy was?” and I just looked at her and said “Nah dude,” and followed after my friend. Honestly that was the greatest day of my life.
  15. I’ve been thinking that Covid was spelt Corvid
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  16. I once sold pictures of myself on a third party app in exchange for gifts from Amazon
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  17. I must confess that I've left my house everyday this week. Social distancing is boring.
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  18. In grade 12 i had a friend who lived with a bunch of other people and her 19 year old bf so we would go and sleepover on the weekend and get blasted.

    I always told my parents she lived with her dad and I've still never confessed to them about what we were actually up too.
  19. I haven't been to my home even once this week, travelling seemed more fun
  20. Down with Quarantines!!!!
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