Post your confessions.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zault, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. When it's late at night and I want to brush my teeth, I use my manual toothbrush because I'm worried that my 60yr old neighbour will think I'm being inappropriate if she hears my electric one.

    Your turn.
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  2. When I'm being inappropriate and my roommate decides to come home, I take my vibrator into the shower where she can't hear.

    Maybe turn on the shower and your neighbor won't hear the toothbrush.
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  3. How loud is your electric toothbrush and how close does your neighbor live?
  4. I think I’ll keep my confessions to myself
  5. who cares what your neighbor thinks, live your life man
  6. That bad, huh? Who did the qt Maddi murder
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  7. Lol no, no murders (yet). I just think my “confessions” would probably be too innocent
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  8. "I leave the lights on when I leave my home instead of saving electricity"
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  9. Inside his walls ig
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  10. Most people do that to fool burglars into thinking someone is home
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  11. Before I start an argument I will pick a random word and get them to say it and once I've accomplished that I just leave and move on to the next person.

    For example I'll pick the word "glove" and I'll start an argument about something random like the best engine for a sports car and just keep it going until I steer the argument off course enough to where they mention "glove" without me hinting at it or mentioning it. Sometimes it takes a few minutes or a few days, I think the longest I've gone was like 2 months until they typed the word I picked and I just stopped replying and moved on to the next person and picked a new word
  12. im an assclapaholic
  13. None of my friends do. I do it so my cat isn't sad sitting there in the dark.
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  14. This too, very important
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  15. I accidentally saw my friend naked.
  16. 🤔 that's a good idea.... Actually... Wow.
  17. 🥺 Poor kitty, have you ever thought you should get another?!
  18. Sometimes I feel like I can hear random people’s thoughts so if they make eye contact I tell them what I hear. When they give me that wtf look... I tell them that it was just a good guess. I rarely wait around to see if I was correct or not. I like leaving some mysteries unsolved.
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  19. oh what a friendly person
  20. I used to consider it but she hates other cats.
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