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  1. Thanks!! I just don’t have any furni above starter besides the dorm i have now so I can’t recycle anything to upgrade :/
  2. I don’t have enough money to rent anymore dorms, about 9B. HOWWWW DO I UP MY STATS? I’ve been the same for a while and don’t understand how people make it up to mcs. I’m so lost
  3. Its something you will get over time dont worry about tryin to rush it
  4. Keep partying to earn more money. You upgrade your stats by putting in more/better dorm mates
  5. I disagree. First of all, it's nearly impossible to find a decent club for a statless newbie, so it's better to stay in starter club for a little until growing at least a bit.
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  6. I generally advise them to stay in starter club at least until the main part of their tutorial is finished. That way they are generally around 5 - 10kcs or sometimes higher. So have a better chance at getting in to a club
  7. what is the meaning of DND? 😪
  8. Do you all know hm these stats are? Angel wings, Mother of Cat mug and lamb in sweater? I would really appreciate if someone told me how much they cost individually and together.
  9. Do Not Disturb)
  10. Agreed.
  11. When people say "one dog", do they mean one individual dog or enough dogs for a dog party (2)? Does it depend on context? And if it does, how can I be sure I'm interpreting it the right way?
  12. By asking them what they mean. We aint mind readers we cant know what other people are thinking either
  13. Don’t know about others, but I personally mean one piece when I say I’m buying/selling one dog.😅
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  14. Can someone tell me how much old stat items are worth. I've been told 1b each
  15. It depends on the buyers demand.
  16. What forum can i find the celestial pendants drops? I wanna see the avi. Thanksie in advance
  17. what's this sun marvel shards🤔seem they just added I couldn't see their avi🤷🏻‍♀️if anyone knows let me know 👀
  18. Its a teaser before the official launch. They are avi shards
  19. where can I see their avi?I searched them on Net but couldn't see them 🥲
  20. They probably gonna lauch the thread with the avis today past changeover.
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