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  1. You can’t actually reset your account anymore, but if your account isnt linked to an email then delete and redownload the app and you should be able to create a new account since it’s unlinked.
  2. What does upgrading dormates do?
  3. Because prank primer is designed with a resistance to fight bar, untill other bars are finished
  4. Upgrading dormmates increase your stats. But if you compare it with exchanging, you spend more per stats in upgrading. So in the end you waste money by upgrading them. So don't uogrde dormamtes, exchange them for higher tiers...
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  5. Yeah, I get that, but it is different from any other party, where it actually takes my energy and said I failed the hit.
  6. I've been meaning to ask for awhile but keep forgetting ... My jobs are gone ? do they not come back or do I need to have higher stats for a new set to unlock ?
  7. There's only about 2,500 jobs currently (it depends, but I don't know why) available. I'm gonna assume you've done all yours, seeing as your profile says 3,000+. If you check my profile, mine says 2,500 even though I've done all mine. But no, there aren't anymore. You can go back and do them over (without the first-time DN and EC rewards) by tapping the little option thing within the job market.
  8. I cant actually do anything I tried to uninstall and it has the same when I get it back
  9. Why can't we sell AVIS
  10. ATA said no
  11. I just need a reset or something
  12. There's no way to completely reset your account. You could try changing your name, getting a new pup, and hiring different tuts so maybe it's harder to find you. You can also ask people to spam you a lot of cheap gifts if you have bad gift history.

    Might I ask why you wanna reset? You're still a noob, surely whatever you did isn't that bad
  13. Send a help ticket then? Its just a bug
  14. Why are you trying to sell people
  15. Jobs end. You will not get them back. Do party
  16. Not really. If you tap to see completed jobs you can see all of them still. And theres still a chance of earning ec when doing jobs again
  17. Completed jobs when redoing doesn't give EC or DN. Yes we can redo completed jobs. But what's is the point when we can get larger cash from parties and there is no EC and DN bonus.
  18. Theres no dn. But you CAN get ec still. The random chance drop still exists when redoing jobs. Ive done it plenty of times
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  19. Oh, thanks for the info. I tried many times with no luck though 🥺. May be it is a rare luck like cat drops in parties..
  20. Yehh sometimes you get lucky sometimes you dont
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