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  1. Thats a waste of chibis. Can buy bentos for 36-38c each. But like ik how to make bentos i been on here almost 3yrs. I said i don't get them still to thingy that said you was talking about daily sales. Im not a noob ik the game
  2. Okay, so I'm guessing you trade for bento?
  3. Bentos is the money of the game. Think of it as bentos are notes and chibis are coins. You sell stuff to other players for chibis/bentos
  4. What does UN and GG mean? Thanks
  5. UN is the club, United Nations and

    GG is short for Gang Gang.
    I think Gang Gang is more a group of farmers than a single club, though.
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  6. Oops! Sorry, I thought the earlier person was asking....
  7. Thanks
  8. I don't think anyone has asked or even noticed this before, but why does Prank Primer take away energy when you, say, fight in the party when there's not a fight bar?

    (I randomly did the fight action because I was busy and not paying attention, and then I noticed that it said "FAILED!")
  9. There is fight but its last bar. I always been curious bout it to
  10. any reccomendations on what to do with scammers? will ata do anything to them if you open a ticket? obv blocking is the smartest route, but I've just seen countless scammers these days and reporting doesn't seem to do much.
  11. Every mod will respond this to you:
    “Scamming technically isn’t against the TOU”
    “The trading system was put in place in order to avoid gift scams”

    So you’re right, a ticket won’t do much either.
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  12. No ata wont do anything. Learn from your mistakes and actul use the trade feature
  13. So, when players say stuff like 1:10c is that bento and chibi?
  14. C is chibis. B is bento. Just trading currency.
    1:10c is something that cost 10c to buy
  15. B stands for billions of pimd bucks
  16. Petition to use the emoji 🍱 😏
  17. How do I reset my account meaning delete everything and restart
  18. Technically you can't delete your account, but you could "start over" by changing your current account's password to something really crazy and random and then disconnecting it from all your devices. Then you can logout (if it didn't automatically do so, which it should) and then start a new account from there...

    Though I dunno why you'd want to.
  19. Again I dont know how to do any of that
  20. Also because the wheel stopped appearing also