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  1. Posting about a scammer with their ign included on world chat or any other public channels falls under public defamation, which is against ToU.

    If you want to inform others about a scammer, its probably best to do it privately like sending gift messages or sliding in their PMs. 🤠
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  2. Nahh not them. I dont think he had tats. N was just standing with arms crossed. Red background in the chat circle thingy
  3. [​IMG]
    this one?
  4. I think that's it. Is that a box avi?
  5. Yehh that 1. I somehow got that from my very 1st lite box 😂😂 so ik i started about when that hunt was on
  6. Do you remember the box it is from?
  7. Not a clue. Lemme see if can find anything else
  8. [​IMG]
    This was the 1st hunt drop that got
  9. Took me a few hours but I finally found something from the Avatar Database thread lmao. Its not a from a hunt, its an August 2017 spinner avatar. Link
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  10. I got it from a lite box tho i remember it coz i got excited about my 1st avi. Did i break the game from the moment i fuckn started? 😂😂 But shit i i be here 3yrs already? I thort it was only a bit over 2 😱
  11. yeah it's definitely a spinner avi. I got mine from spinner
  12. So what are the odds ATA will bring back old avis? I want the tier IV Persephone avi so badly
  13. Very low. I don't think they've ever brought back old avis or ever will.
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  14. Open old boxes
  15. Considering the Persephone avi was from a Limited Time Story Pass, I would say the odds are extremely low.

    Also, to my knowledge ATA has never "brought back" avis in the sense I believe you mean.
  16. anyone know how much stags are selling for atm?
  17. Hey i want to recommend to give boost on party hit like we get in speedups,It would be great to easily unload on party except ec party if it more suitable
  18. Other recommendation is to give boost on box opening (such as speedup box,shardbox) ex. Opening 50 box (50x$1000)
  19. Party boosts exists. Use amps. Or if you meaning speed up that exists to limo speeds up by 5mins boat insta starts the party. Dice are a thing as well unless ata took them out? Or nevr actul added them? Was you roll it and the number it lands on is how much x the payout was boosted
  20. Can anyone explain the items from Bento Lunch Boxes?