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  1. Mmmm i don't remember any of it 😶 shit
    But yehh my limit is 0 coz i have lirily 0 control with it. I remember before I stopped i was drinking straight whiskey like it was water. Remembering why i stopped was just something thats helped me stay on track when cravings come back n try throw me into a relapse
  2. Does anyone know where I can find current prices for ouroboros?
  3. When do we get the 2x the ec this event because I have bought ec and haven't gotten the x2 yet...
  4. Its x2 payout on cats and dogs not x2 ec
  5. How do you increase your dormmate score? I'm lost on this game.
  6. Get more or exhange for better ones
  7. I have been doing cat and always got 608.000.000 from attacking with eat, now i’m only getting half of the cash that i used to get even tho I have VIP subscription
  8. Promo ended. There was a x2 payout on
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  9. Does anyone know prices for dvp? or anyone who offers? -ty✨
  10. I'm seeing 600-700B per bento lately.
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  11. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっTy✨
  12. People are probably tired of getting these types of questions so I'll just list the ones I'm interested in so I don't have to ask anymore.
    Are the fairy wing, and compass avis still available if you collect 800?
  13. Fairy wings, yes. Compass, no.

    Fairy wings will automatically combine if you have the enough. Compass shards were a limited-time shards just like the recent Popstar shard avis.
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  14. Thank youuuu 🖤
  15. 2x ec is only available on the free extra credit offer wall. It only lasted through a certain holidays like Christmas, New Year, St. Patrick, and Halloween
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  16. Sorry to bother , but when you get gift what can you do with them ? Like roses or 🥑 etc. Why buy them for some one if it doesnt bring no one anything ?
  17. Sometimes gifts have stats sometimes they dont. they’re just for show usually.
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  18. Quadrillions! It comes after T (trillions).


    It has 15 zeros in it, and 16 digits total.
  19. That number is to big 😶😶😂 holy fuck