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  1. Yeah, they expired over a year ago unfortunately. I personally like to give out those things to new players for their "can I get a gift quest" (just make sure you tell them in the gift message that they've expired). There's also sometimes players that like to collect expired shards, so you could keep an eye out for any of those people.
  2. I feel like if we still have old exprired shards and we have enough to merge them we should still get an avatar with it by choice. Also i feel we should also have an update to where we can trade avatars like we do with all other items because I know that there are players that don't want certain avatars and wanna give their older ones away.
  3. Fuck off
  4. To put that in a different terms, your argument is one many of us see often around here. Although trading avatars would be cool, Ata has gone on record saying they will likely not add “avi trading” of any kind. Apparently, to do so would mess with the way the game is coded, which would cause them major issues to work out.
    As for allowing shards to combine without activators, I have no support for it. That’s just another unique aspect of the game, some items really are “you were there and got it”. It shows hard work and is part of the pride bragging rights for old players. I’m not one who can talk, since my account is just a little bit than a year old, but that’s my take on shards
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  5. Why are you so rude? I just had an idea.
  6. Sorry i..didnt know i just thought it would be a good idea it we did.
  7. You and 464837494939474 other people over the last 6+ years. Takes 10 seconds to search for previous threads
  8. So what you dont have to be rude about it. I was just stating an idea. I didn't say anything wrong.
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  9. I agree with Fox_King. That response was way too aggressive for what they did.
  10. I didn't tho
  11. Is there any programmed probability in getting better drops from boxes or spinners at any specific time.
    Some one said, more probability is towards end of Hunt from boxes. Is it correct?
    Is there any similar probability for spinner?
  12. its random
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  13. Whoever said that is talking out their ass
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  14. Thanks,
    Do you think there will be special BF spinner items?
  15. No, there usually is not.
  16. Does otaku amp work on black cat to i i nt remember
  17. It does, as well as wild amps
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  18. Let’s say that I have enough cats and a club with unlocked cat cafe, How do I start/create a flash cats session? Because I want to know how to start one?
  19. Flash cat sessions aren't any different than normal cat parties. Flash just means unlimited dns. If you start a cat party and have members use whatever dns numbers then it should usually finish within a couple of minutes at max. Hence flash.
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  20. Thanks
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