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  1. What ways would you recommend to fend off an agressor?
  2. Ignore til they get bored?
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  3. Dissuade them with pranks or fights, self pin, contact allies and friends, bury cash in tutors, etc.
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  4. It really depends on your strength. If you’re strength build, fight them. If you’re Intel build, your best option is to prank or dance (it might be the other way around. It’s been a hot minute since I farmed anyone lol). But burying cash in tutors isn’t a permanent solution. They might decide to strip your tuts. But if they do, you can use the cash to upgrade (but I wouldn’t recommend it). The option of self pin like KEFO said can be useful. However, I just ignore the hits and carry on, they’ll eventually get bored and stop hits altogether lol
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  5. Ik thats not what i was asking tho
  6. I'm sorry I guess I didn't catch onto it
  7. Succubus is a type of female sex demon, and incubus is the male version. Being as they're sexual, they probably are in hentai, but they are not exclusive to hentai and are technically part of Judaism and Christianity.
  8. Oooo. Only incubus i heard of is the band
  9. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to know how "Soak up the Spotlight" XC works. If anyone know it please help me. Also, I am looking for a Midnight Tryst Bed.
    I can pay with chibi or furniture or status items.
  10. You beat the person at the top of the spotlight leaderboard to push them out of and steal the spotlight. Once you have it, you will earn points while you hold it but if someone beats you out of the spotlight, you will stop getting points.
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  11. Look at the other hundreds of posts asking this question

    Go post in the furni thread. You wont find that bed for chibis tho expect to pay about 2 bentos for it. Also it's stat items not status items
  12. When exactly does the 5x Black cat promo start? The 29th? Just want to make sure so I can buy the Vip pass at the right time 🤔
  13. November 27th, 2020, at 6am PST.
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  14. It will start at changeover on Friday so it should be the 27th ☺️
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  15. Why did the green shards disappear from my thanksgiving boxes? Before it said 5 rare and now it give 1 or 2 things ???
  16. Hello, what do you mean by green shards? Could you be more specific?
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  17. You mean the Greek shards with a rare (green) rarity? They’re being moved to XC just as Zodiac shards were in order to introduce new shard avatars.
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  18. Price check on Duke’s Domino Mask 🖤
  19. The first tier for Masks atm is 1:10c, you can use the Vip Avatar Guide to see how many make a Duke’s Mask.
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  20. Hey I have fae furni shards I have been trading and buying for and I finally got 7 for a poster they no longer merge now tho what should I do gift them out now just for showcases?