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  1. You can't, you'll automatically get kicked out from it after 7 days if I'm not mistaken.
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  2. Once you leave it you cant return
  3. Coolio 😎, I Figured Yall Make So Money On This Game Yall Could Figure A Way For Deals 2 Be Much Better
  4. How do you play steal the spotlight? I don’t get it.
  5. You kick the person out of the spotlight and replace them by defeating them in combat!

    While you are in the spotlight, you have your score greatly inflated so as to put you at the top of the leaderboard where you can be easily found.
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  6. Really?then stats don't matter then? Thx✨
  7. Dont think so but i also dont get how stat ranges work still so idk for sure
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  8. How to get on the top 10 on the leaderboard for the main story drops for each hunt?
  9. You just have to get the within the top 10 most collected drops.

    If you mean strategy wise how to do’ll need time, money and flashes.
  10. Get rich irl and keep your credit card or debit card out
  11. How do I do it without using and real money? Thanks in advance
  12. You can't. There are many people playing optimally, and then using money on top ofthat to try and place in the top-100. Top-10 often costs $2000+, and there is no way to make up that value through strategy alone.

    My advice is to always
    Let the losers win the stupid games.
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  13. Okay thanks, so let’s say that I can spend money and have the resources that I need, how do I get on the top 10 for main story drop?

    I want to get up there to get the gold crowns and the Avis, but I just don’t know how to do it? Can anyone tell me what I need to do specifically? Like um a step-by-step process or something similar to that on how to get on the leaderboard for the main story drops?
  14. You'd also need a lot of time to attend like, every FCC imaginable. Buy lots of DNs, don't worry so much about ECs.
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  15. Save your money. Make good life decisions.
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  16. Ty ty
  17. Honestly there’s no way to get into t10 without spending irl currency. T100 is a maybe, and being someone who has done both, I can speak from experience.
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  18. Oh ok thanks
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  19. Hello, I want to ask if the SkytwirlerTM fairies are still combing into avatars if I get the right amount? And do they auto combine?
  20. Hi! I just got enough of the Leather Collars to get the avi I wanted, which is the Frisky Kitten, but it's not in the event shop. And I've been trying to get this kind of avi for monthssss. Any help as to how I can get this avi???