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  1. Ive gone with the designers had to much work load. So instead of creating 4 different avis they can do 2. (Talking about main story and 1st side story coz idk about the other side storys). So less to design and draw means less work to do in a short time and less stress
  2. There are still 4 avis, the male and female basic and the male and female vip but I just don’t understand the point of getting the in the box? Now you have to open the box to get an avatar but you only get one? What if you don’t achieve the side story that will give you the second one so you just don’t get the second avatar even though you are supposed to. It just doesn’t make sense
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  3. It helps to advertise in both campuses (asian and US server)
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  4. I can’t believe this thread has almost been around for 10 years
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  5. Nahh its still 2 avis. The only difference is the vip ones are recolored. Still the same agi just wearing different colored clothes. It takes like 5mins to recolor something ive done it in that on stuff before using a track pad so using a drawing pad like they would be using they can do it just as fast coz you keep the shading and highlights layer/s and just redo the color layer. Easy. The other way when got both male and female at 6k drops n vip at 1st side story....they had to make EVEN MORE avis to cover the 12k? Drops one s
  6. How do you get past Dftw? I've tried hitting the actual spotlight but no go..
  7. You gotta be fast. I was able to hit somone 60mcs higher then me for it when i tried. It woulda been no go coz someone woulda beat you to it
  9. Leaderboard section of store?
  10. Its not available in the leaderboard section of the store anymore, but its still tradeable. I think people are selling those for around 35 bentos.
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  11. Ok sweet ibwas remembering it right then. I knew i saw it somewhere ages ago couldnt remember exacly where. I dont pay attention to that section coz im never getting on leaderboard so no point 😂
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  12. Does anyone remember what the peachik were for and how many combinations were needed. I can't find a thread for it.
  13. I was wondering if well a couple things...
    1. If we sell stat items does it literally take stats away from our cs?
    Does having more stat items make our actions in parties more effective/better?
  14. Peachicks are similar to skulls, clouds, etc. If you collect enough, it will combine into an avatar. Here's a thread for the combinable avatars from the VIP Champagne Box 👉🏼 link
  15. No it won't, your total number of misc is different from your combined stats. CS can be seen from your profile, just below your hire value, while your total miscellaneous can be found on the Bonus Breakdown section of your profile (scroll down and you'll see it :)). So if you take away stat items from your account, your total misc would decrease but not your cs.

    And yes having misc is important too in hitting parties. Its a hidden boost to your stats, as well other bonuses like RS dates, avatar stats, etc.
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  16. Hey thank so much for explaining ☺ I really appreciate it
  17. Hello. I was just wondering about the Collectionfest leader board.. Why isn't there a reward tier for 11-50? Like, I work extremely hard (I'm not really high stats) all week to enter just one collection and in the final moments of getting to atleast top ten, I barely miss and end up 12th-20th. I think the gap from 1-10 is too huge. Collection is really the only event I could even hope to win so it's disappointing for me. Sry if this was answeref before, but why isn't there a 11-50 tier for people like me?
  18. You get rewards when you place in the top 11-100 in Collectathon leaderboard though 🧐
  19. Can I get back to Starter Club?

    I was invited to a club and after joining I was kicked out, so now I’m homeless... or clubless and would like to get back to the starter one before I find a new club
  20. Nope.