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  1. You memorize the schedule lol. It doesn't tell you what day, but you can make a guesstimate based on what day it happens. Here's the schedule for 2 week hunts:

    Tuesday: Event released, 1st side story
    Friday: 2nd side story
    Monday: 3rd side story
    Friday: 4th side story
    Tuesday: End event, repeat
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  2. Where did the bowl of cat and Ms. Mischief stats items came from? How do I get it?

  3. Bowl of Cat was from participating in a survey from ATA a while back, and you can buy them off other players.

    Not sure about Mischief though, but if it's what I'm thinking about, I'm fairly sure it's a pimd or mod crate item that you can also buy off players.
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  4. Correct! Ms. Mischief was a mod crate item that is no longer available in the crates.
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  5. I'm Only Making A Suggestion
    Why Don't The Ata Make The Avi's Sharable Or Tradable
  6. Why dont you fuck off with your stupid shit
  7. Trust me you're probably the 56872392621th person who suggested that but its not gonna be a thing, sorry
  8. How do I find an admins in different time zones
  9. Correct me if i am wrong, but as far as i know the Venetian Story Pass didn't have any time limits to complete them. You could complete them whenever you can. But i was going through my tasks and saw the story ends in 16 days. 😱 Is that a glitch or something else? please let me know about this matter.
  10. I haven't heard anything about a timer for it but maybe you could send a help ticket to be sure?
  11. Actually I asked my RS just now, he still hasn't finished the Venetian story pass quests and said that its ending in 16 days 🙃
  12. Well they have been out for AAAAAAGGGGGEEEEESS. They needa drop them n start new ones
  13. It say i got 1 of the le wild cloudpaca but cant find it?
  14. Its in your showcase. Go across to search and just write the name if you need to
  15. Ok thanks
  16. Stil not showing up 😔
  17. Found it after restarting the game
  18. hi.. I just want to ask if you guys have something or events , gift for us (old players) who still playing till now?.. in that way all old players can reminisce all the events happened here since the first day this game opened. thanks for having a little time to read this😅🤗
  19. Yous got the stat items and avis and awards from then. But also ata dont look at this if thays what you were hoping for. We just other players
  20. Why has the hunt avatar system changed? It is really frustrating getting an avatar box and only getting one of the hunt avatars. What if someone is female, only uses female avatars and now they only get the male avatar? What is the point of taking part in the hunts at all then?