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  1. Hi all. I recently lost my phone and am trying to recover my two old accounts. Would switching from Samsung-Apple affect the logging in? Thanks
  2. It won't. You can link an account to both android and apple, and up to 10 devices I believe.
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  3. I have the Username and password but don’t have my email account anymore. It keeps asking for my email though. Thanks for replying!
  4. For account recovery, you can send a help ticket to ATA :)
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  5. The email doesnt have to be active for you to log in as long as you didn't full delete it. If you did then send help ticket n ata will relink it
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  6. How much stats do I need to have to hit each of the invite parties? Like how much stats do I need for the party that need 4 invites, 8 invites, 11 invites, and 22 invites? Cuz I’m having trouble hitting the high tier parties
  7. in my expirience, for consistant successful hits:
    4mcs one side for 15inv partes
    7mcs one side for 22inv parties

    not sure on the smaller ones
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  8. Than
    Thank you
  9. Really? Coz at 10mcs i struggle on the 4th one and cant hit at all on the last 1
  10. Hello
    How do you collect
  11. You get it via the VIP Champagne box or by trading with other players.
  12. youre 1mcs
  13. I forgot what acc i was on before i sent that. Was meaning this acc
  14. Does in future can ill be the possibility to trade avatars too ? Im full of girls avi!!!
  15. I almost didn't understand what you just said, but if you're referring to avatar trading, it will never happen. 😗
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  16. No. Never. Even ata is sick of you noobs spamming this shit. Its never gonna happen
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  17. try is free
  18. Taking 1min to search for previous threads is also free. You will find 5+ years worth of them
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  19. This is like the best worst idea on the game.

    All the newbs want it but anyone who knows anything about the game know how devastating it would be.
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  20. How do you know when the side stories will come for current event and future events?
    Thanks in advance