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  1. @Kefo do u know? ur good w/ older items
  2. Typo? You got nothing called that even in your own showcase
  3. Nope, not a typo
  4. Someone is selling it
  5. @Im_cornflake_biotch 4-5c ea
  6. Any pro Potd clubs for 5mcs+ pls and ty?
  7. Try using this thread.
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  8. How can i know that when i joined here ? Where can i check date of joining in this app?
  9. I know forums used to let you check your starting date, but it doesn’t allow it anymore at least on iOS. The yearly award is probably your best bet.
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  10. 26 days. Can see in your awards on your profile. If you wanna remember the exact date write it down coz once it gets into the 3 months one it dont say how much days no more once had it for q bit is says 'long ago'
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  11. How much is Mac the cat for?
  12. How do i go on a date
  13. Rs someone then go to the people tab then tap relationship then you will see it
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  14. Ok
    Ok so can I apply mode form
  15. No. Mod applications are not available at the moment.
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  16. Read what i said again. Ended means done. Finished. No more. If you cant read a simple thing like that you aint good enuf to be mod
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  17. Hi, I'm hoping for some help. Yesterday while puttering around my pimd home screen, I accidentally swiped on my spinner and it disappeared. Its been completely inaccessible since. I've logged in on other devices, restarted my phone, updated everything. Still nothing more then teasing peeks at it as I switch screens and the issue follows me regardless of device. So what must I do to get it back? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Uninstall and reinstall the game. If still nothing send a help ticket saying everything you have tried already to save time and they will fix it
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  19. Why did the transfer credits between your relationship went away? I wanted it back.
  20. Coz people were abusing it. Using the newbie starting ec offer to get ec cheaper then normal price spam making alts to get cheap ec n just rs themself to trade it
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