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  1. Pet crates. You get them every 5 levels of a pet. Keep leveling up other pets
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  2. Click this 👉🏼 link for the pet supply crates guide 😊
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  3. The spinner works similarly to a slot machine. It is designed to favor the less valuable items for a reason because it should never be easy to get more valuable items. I promise you though it is still possible to get those items, but it’s extremely rare. As a result of this, they are unlikely to “fix it” as you suggest.
  4. Hey Ryan!
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  5. How do I get more pets?
  6. Open 12hr capsules
  7. I have suggestion,
    Can ATA make gap between hunt Event. Continuing event without gap day is kinda boring and people do not have time to do wars especially just because of non-stopping event.
  8. This used to happen. I guess people hated it
  9. How does bbbs work 🤔
  10. Everybody joins a club and then everyone spends ~$100.
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  11. How to send stickers in chat? ?
  12. Type /s in the text box

    Then begin writing the name.

    A drop-down menu will pop up with all relevant stickers.
  13. How to get the avatars that hold the bows and arrows in the current event (Autumn Leaves)?
  14. I believe they’ll be side story avatars.
  15. Do the old bb items still combine?
  16. Yep
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  17. Is there a way to get extra credits more often? I haven't used mines yet but I still have very little :(
  18. Free ways to get them: spinny thingy, jobs, 'earn extra credits'in the store
    Fast way to get them: buy with real money either straight ec or a pack thing like vip
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  19. I have another question, there's some furniture that I don't want but for some reason I can't trade or gift them. Is there any reason for that and how can I change something to make it possible?
  20. That's probably a starter furniture cause all furnis are tradeable, except for some starter ones. You can either recycle it or just leave it there.
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