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  1. Whoever said ages ago that max plunder changed....i think they maybe right. The other day before i upgraded last.....i was like 2b over max plunder whaf i needed for if 15m per 1kcs. But yet on a cat with 67 hits....i got berly over 300 drops. Anyone figured out the new max plunder yet?
  2. I didn't know max plunder had something to do with how much drops you get??...
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  3. I thought in played a factor but not as much as it contributes to cash payout...? Drops mostly has to do with dormmates and how much damage you're doing to the party but I wouldn't be surprised if it affected drops some amount.
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  4. Ok!! So I’ll go for tier9 now.

    Thank you so much😊
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  5. Yeah, I’ll do that. I have 39 dorms at the moment so I’ll start now saving to exchange my tier7 for tier9.

    Thank you!!☺️
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  6. How can I logout??
  7. How much does the Salty cat for 20ecs in gift store cost in chibis/bentos?
  8. Answered. 1bento. Thanks anyway 💖
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  9. Ok yehh stop opening dorm rooms. I don't even have that many open yet. You can go higher on tier 5. Make sure your lower ones are all done to. When all your dorm rooms are full then work on the 1t ones. Whoever told you to do t7 wasted your time but its done now so its whatever. Keep dorm mates level 1
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  10. 1. Connect your account to a email or facebook: cog in top left, account, ata (for email) or facebook for facebook ovisly, put in your details.

    2. Now you can log in and out as much as you want: cog in top left, account, device linking, disconnect, continue, continue

    Done. If your doing it to make a qlt you will be stuck on that alt for 24hrs before you can log out again. You will also have to connect it to a DIFFERENT email or facebook account so you can get back into it
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  11. Idk if i would pay that much for it but iight
  12. Max plunder makes it take less hits to get max drops. 67 hits should be max drops. But i got no where near it
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  13. At what price should i sell my first gear bike???
  14. When I asked ATA, they said no alterations were made to plunder on game. So it’s not that.
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  15. What are Blue dice worth?
  16. 75-100 per bento
  17. depends on the bar aswell, different bars have different payout & drop rates
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  18. Yehh. I hit every bar tho. Mostly non cash bar whatever the word is i forgot now
  19. Where shall i i g the cat milk?