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  1. Bento Anchors are placed by ATA on accounts that are being investigated. They’ll be removed if the player is found to be innocent.
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  2. Just gotta get lucky. The good stuff is ment to be hard to get
  3. She dont got 145b worth of stats going by her drops. Unless she spent alot of money on ec and got lucky with boxes she 100% bort bentos for money
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  4. Maybe so. ATA will make the decision in the end.
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  5. Yehh
  6. Hi. Anyone know if ceramic bunnies and ceramic lamb is still available?if yes wm the price please
  7. If you mean the avatar, then no.
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  8. Are you still able to collect cold comfort avatars with the yarns??
  9. Yes.
  10. Pls help me I can't log in my main coz I created new account and I linked my facebook acc that I'm using in main please help me :(:(
  11. I don’t think you can link more than one account to the same Facebook account so you might have not linked it properly to your main account.

    I’d contact ATA via Help to see if you can use an alternative recovery method.
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  12. Please help
    Please help me to bring back my main xeyah acc please, please i badly need it 😭😔
  13. Like Day said, you have to send a help ticket for that. Only ATA can help you with retrieving your account.
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  14. How much are deadly boxes? Thanks
  15. Anyone know?
  16. 2-3c per
  17. Thank you
  18. Hey guys, I have a question hopefully someone can give me some advice.
    I have 19 floors now and all of them with tier7 dormmates but I’m very lost with what I should do next. Which tier would you recommend? I think I have one tier8 but I remember that when I got it I barely noticed any change in my stats...
    Hope someone can help:)
  19. The number of dorms you have open isn't rlly relevant info here. What matters is the cost to open a new dorm!

    You should save up for some 1T people.

    But if it would be cheaper to open a dorm and fill it with another t7, then do that before putting in a t9/1T dorm mate.
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  20. What i did is fill up 32 dorms with 80b dorm mates. Then move on to 1t ones. The rooms are cheap so you may as well. Keep your dorm mates level 1