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  1. Gear, top left of homescreen.
    New ticket
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  2. Here
    I will tag you in it too
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  3. What does ign stand for?
  4. In game name (username)
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  5. How do I know if someone used a doctors note in a cat cafe or bikini party?
  6. There will be a measurable and noticeable problem.

    If you detect no issues, there's no issue.

    But you can check party history and see if the person has more than
    30+(3 x every 5 minutes the party lasts)

    Because that is the most natural hits you can do on a party without using a doctor's note.
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  7. With no dn....
    On the 1st bar someones name will come up 2 times from 1 full unload
    On the 2nd bar someones name will come up 4 times from 1 full unload
    On the 3rd bar someones name will come up 3 times from 1 full unload
    Never got a chance to test last bar but it will most likely be 2 or 3 times from 1 full unload.
    Anything more then this means they used dn, upgraded or used regen date

    Someones 1st hit on a new bar will always bring up their name on it so you just gotta count how much it comes up.
    You can also tap the i beside attack and just compare numbers. Also watch when people 1st join. There are alot of people who are good at counting out dns to make it look like they were in the party the entire time going by total hits but really they not long joined and just taking all the cash. Always take screenshots as proof for incase if they try shit to say you lying and they didnt use dn
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  8. How do you hire someone else's tutors? Why is there not a help option to explain these things
  9. Go to their profile scroll down to tutor section tap see all then do it. Or go to people tab then meet people then search the ign
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  10. Swipe your home screen to left to see the Tutors' tab, and click "hire more". Type in your target value and press search. You can click on their profiles to check if they have a pupil, and if they do, press hire.
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  11. Added something new in PIMD

    1st : Idle money when not opening PIMP apps.. That's help all players here
    2nd : Daily Bonus Reward

  12. Pimp wha-

    Hi you came to the wrong thread :)
  13. Hi pls how do you soak up the spotlight
  14. 1. No stop being lazy. Be on the game and play if you want shit
    2. Lite boxes, spinner game, timer boxes. And with vip you get even more stuff daily like ec and dn
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  15. Hit the person at number 1 on the spotlight leaderboard
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  16. What's the price of the pins from dormlypics?
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  17. Anything from 10 per chibi to about 20 bentos. But could be even more if people understood the rarity of some.

    Many are of average rarity, though and would probably hand around 2:1c and 1:2c.
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  19. Dont try fuck with ata and you wont get your acc locked
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  20. Are you gonna fix the spinner, so we stop getting the lowest possible things. Used to get a variety of things, lately, just those worthless monthly spinner junk, occasionaly win a chibi or EC , but nothing else.
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