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  1. You can buy speakers for Extra Credits from the "Store". If you achieve the "90 days played" achievement you regenerate 2 speakers a day.
  2. If they accept our reason how many days later will they enable our reset?
  3. U should be able to reset as soon as they accept ur request. Also if u catch pimd in world chat he would be able to enable ur reset instantly
  4. Ok thx there
  5. I have 2.1m and it cost 2m to hire a tutor. Is it a good idea to hire a tutor and why?
  6. How do I get speaker items
  7. You buy them or wait
  8. Where do you buy speaker items?
  9. HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR TOPICS? Like, the ones you made.
  10. Never mind I got my questioned answered earlier thanks everyone
  11. By fighting others, doing jobs, and doing dance offs
  12. @leyla you look under the category you made it under slowly flipping through the pages but u made need to refresh it
  13. Can anyone tell me how to delete my profile? I've tried resetting but doesn't work
  14. If you want to reset please email the support team at Please include you profile name and wha game you want to reset on. They will get back to you asap.
  15. Who can declare a war is it only admins and owners
  16. Str affects fights, int affects dance off, but is there a diff in how they affect pranks and eavesdropping? Also do they have any effect on jobs to make them easier(bsides having 100% str and int)
  17. The higher ur str and int the easier the jobs will become. And if I remember correctly pranks and eavesdrops r both affect by int just like a dance off
  18. How do u get speaker items??