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  1. The LB hasn’t came out yet. But there will likely be separate LBs for the different colored drops.
  2. How does the Spotlight XC work? I’m completing the task for the event rn.
  3. The Spotlight is a PvP based extracurricular. To start, you’ll have to be the first player to hit ign: The Spotlight. After, you’ll hit the person who most recently stole The Spotlight.
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  4. And how do I know who did that? (Stole it)
  5. They are the person that is first on the LB.
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  6. Guys I unlinked the account connected with fb and linked with a alt when can I link back.. I feel pissed rn
  7. You’ll have to contact support to fix that I think. But I’ve never linked and unlinked my account, so I wouldn’t know 100%.
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  8. How do i know if my plunder is max
  9. 15b in hire value for every 1mcs of your stats.
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  10. What's the potd
  11. POTD changes every day, at the moment it’s Fake Art 101.

    Check here for POTD updates at changeover.
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  12. Why's that even though i bought defense items. But it didnt work it didn't even reduced when someone attacked me. 2nd the protection pass is kinda pricey wouldnt be that a disadvantage to those players who can't afford. 3rd i wish next update will make the pass tradable... Im just a struggling citizen due to a player hitting me for fun. :)
  13. It probably does work, but they’re not just instant defenses.
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  14. I'm completely locked out of my alt that wasn't connected to fb or Google play or ata. How do I get it back asap?
  15. Send a help ticket.
  16. Doesn't work
  17. Uh, what...? What did they reply to say?
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  18. Nvm it worked now
  19. Hi i was wondering how many bentos to do 100b dvp?
  20. Could be one, although 1o usually gets you 80b.

    Perhaps you could add another 10c and make ot 100b?