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  1. Its the same number for everyone and if I'm not mistaken, (for Cat Cafe) one full unload on Eat is 17 actions, Peace Sign is 20, Facepalm is 32.

    You can also check the party roster during the party where you can see who's currently hitting which bar.
    Fully unloading on Eat/Rave & Peace Sign/Snark would show 3 notifications (including the has joined the party message)
    Facepalm/Giggle/Lecture bars would show 6 notifications, including the has joined message.

    Please correct me if there are any mistakes. ❣️
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  2. Damage done on the party varies from person to person, so hits won’t be a set number.

    That’s why some players can solo cats faster than others.
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  3. Oops I misread a part, but if you hit one bar only, you’ll get the results as Sansa said. But if you hit multiple bars there’s no guaranteed number.
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  4. No I get that, but isn't she talking about the actions per unload when she said "number of hits to fully UL"?
  5. Ah yup, I agree on this one.
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  6. They hadn’t clarified which they wanted tbh 😂 So I interpreted it differently than you did.
  7. What’s the point in joining a club if you are just going to leave the club right afterwards? So many people have been doing this.
  8. To see whether they want to stay.

    This could be an upsetting occurrence if the club is calling LBH and people join, then leave.

    If they've joined, seen party timer, seen party progress, and want to unload on a party that might be successful, they will leave to find a club that can actually complete the party.
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  9. Has anyone figured out if upgrading a single dorm mate is worth it with the new exchange?
  10. It may be preferable to hiring tutors when you need to quickly bury money in sfw....

    I suppose it's up to you. If you sit on buckets of money waiting to upgrade, just hitting parties and farms... Then yes. It's better to upgrade dormies because that extra money spent will increase your plunder and success rate, and lead to you upgrading much faster.


    If you are proactive and flip tutors a lot with the money you have out, you will upgrade much faster via that method than if you just partied and levelled up your crew.

    If you aren't gonna bother volleying tuts, level up your crew.

    I don't know how we'd test to calculate a real numbers-based comparison, but listen to your own habits. Das my advice.
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    1. My pimd gift idea : a cake shaped like a bunny a cake shaped like a bunny could be added to the shop where players buy gifs for other players
  11. I'd send this to the devs in a 'help' ticket. This thread is where players answer your questions about pimd. Developers don't look in here.
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  12. Soooo... what’s going on with the new update?
  13. What update? I'm on Android and just checked, and do not have one.
  14. Apparently the exchange thing is updated?
  15. I also checked ios, no updates. Recent one was in April 4, minor bug fixes I think 🤔

    @Lumina74 what update did you mean?
  16. I guess then my app was acting up?? 😂 because I updated mine
  17. My last available update was all the way back on March 10th, also for bug fixes.
  18. mine updated today 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know what’s going on with my app lol
  19. What is Pink Easter Leaderboard?