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  1. Hello just wondering, how do you know the numbers to get to max plunder?i remember something needs to multiply by 15 or something...
  2. 15b for every 1mcs of your stats.
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  3. I was wondering if there is any easy way to get avatars without trying to use any real money
  4. I’d say joining an active POTD club and attempting to hit as many parties as you can is the best way without money.

    Focus on drops and finishing stories, and slowly upgrade when you can.
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  5. I heard that the odd tiers for when you are upgrading your dorm is the best way to be upgrading and not to actually level up your dorm mates once you receive them but just exchange them later on when and if you can?
  6. Everyone has differing opinions on upgrading so it’s hard to say. I personally only skipped T10 when I upgraded, but generally speaking I usually save up for the highest tier I can afford.
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  7. Do you also upgrade the dorm mates you get as well? Like for example: say you got a tier 1 cheerleader would you upgrade her to a level 3 star cheerleader and then if you have enough money use that to exchange her for another dorm mate?
  8. I personally don’t. But the exchange rate has changed since most of the guides were made. Regardless I think it’s better to save up for a complete upgrade rather than leveling up a dormmate.
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  9. It’s hard to gather a lot of money... lol any way to save up easier?
  10. Ah I mean there’s no secret or anything. It’s just patience. But getting past certain milestones in terms of stats is difficult
  11. Yes sir... you cannot pass certain milestones without money for you to upgrade your dorm mates... which in theory would mean that you would have to have a money to start with anyways.. but that comes into full circle of... I cannot know how to keep getting a good amount of money without the spinner’s help
  12. It’s definitely not impossible actually 😮 I know a lot of players who don’t spend money. But like I said it’s just a patience thing.
  13. I mean... I am/should not/can’t spend any money... 😂 but yeah... patience is key. I guess the advice here is just keep doing parties and jobs... but in order to do well for parties and jobs you will have to have a good handful of decent dorm mates 😂
  14. At your stats it wouldn’t be beneficial to go to a Cat Club yet anyways, so just keep partying and finishing jobs 😊 You’ll get there in time.
  15. Omg... 😂 someone has Sherlock Holmes skills! I think right now... I have about enough to exchange one of my current dorm mates to a tier 4... and right now I have 24 rooms rented out
  16. You’ll grow in no time I’m sure 😌 You got this don’t worry. Feel free to wall though if you have any more questions about the game 💕
  17. Hi can I check how do I get geode furnis😯 which box are they from?
  18. They’re from the Spring Furniture Box. You can also find the information here.
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  19. Not sure where to look to find this info so I’ll just ask.
    Does it take everyone the name number of hits to fully UL during a party or does it vary based on stat level?
    If it is the same for everyone, what is that number?
    Also, what’s the easiest way to watch for people using DNS during a party?
  20. It varies based on stat level, party type and a bunch of other things like misc and other bonuses.

    As for DNs, I only know that on Cat Cafe Parties, anything over 50 is typically DNs. You’ll have to watch each party, since players who use DNs usually have an abnormally large amount of hits compared to others.
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