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  1. Clear your app cache in your phone settings. That typically fixes the invalid session issue.
    ATA doesn't use that email anymore. If you send an email, they redirect you to the in-game help ticket. I've heard that they even do this when you say the help ticket is not working.
  2. I'm so outdated.
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  3. Good ol days🌚
  4. How do get a club to do POTD
  5. If you look in campus there’s often clubs calling for LBH or party help.

    If it’s your own club you can check the POTD thread to see what party should be started.
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  6. Thank you
  7. What does the poll from Alexa mean? I don’t understand what she’s asking has to do with “phone (quests) or XCs (extracurriculars)”?
  8. Usually the main story is a quest you can access through stories from your home screen. However, during the last hunt, the main story was made into a XC task. Therefore, Alexa is just asking you to choose whether you liked that change or would want it to stay as before. 🌸🍦
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  9. Why ATA sent Bowl of Cat to everyone?
    It said only selected people will get. It killed the excitement. Now everyone has it.
  10. I felt special at first too. 🌝

    jk, just be glad you have one
  11. 1.) Not everyone got it.
    2.) A gift was promised to everyone that took the survey and responded seriously.
    3.) A select amount of people would receive a PIMD crate in addition to the gift (Bowl of Cat).
  12. The current story poll is asking you to vote between Phone and Extracurriculars. Not voted because I have no idea how to answer or what either option involves.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  13. Last hunt the main storyline was in the XC section instead of it typically being in the phone. It's asking if you preferred it in the phone or liked it being in XCs.
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  14. How do I go about joining a cat club? I've never been, but I'd like to do a session sometime.
  15. You can always ask for CC clubs to wall you banners in campus.

    I personally go to Koneko myself, but I’m sure other players can give good recommendations.
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  16. How much are special engagement ring worth in bentos?
  17. I am not getting enough item on party though I have hit the party 101 times and got 89 cars.why this is happening is it because I got silenced for one day
  18. 30-40🍱
  19. Has nothing to do with getting silenced. You might need to get tutors for max plunder and simply increase your stats. Stats do play a large part in your party drops.
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  20. Honestly with your stats, that is the correct amount of drops you would get for potd. It will take less hits to get max drops once you increase your stats. So keep upgrading! 💕