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  1. Hi there, I am having problems purchasing EC and DN from store. Everytime i go to the store to buy EC or DNs i get a notification saying ' Couldn't connect to google play store'. Is there anything i can do to fix this or another way for me to buy more EC or DNs?
  2. Why are there no black avis
  3. Is it just me or would anyone like to see a military style hunt with maybe some of the avitars as post military personnel in college with maybe some Moto gear or is that just me prior Marine here and I think it would be a cool idea
  4. What does sd mean in reference to cat cafe clubs? Can't recall
  5. Self Drop, so you drop the cat for your stay on your own.
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  6. Thank you! I knew this but ig my brain decided to forget it for a brief moment
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  7. Do the Avis you buy in the store inscrease in stats later? The new ones say 25% and I was gonna buy one but not if the stats stay low
  8. The stats dont change
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  9. Hello. Is there any way to retrieve an old account but the only thing that I can remember is the name of it and not sure with the email, and forgot the password?
  10. I’d say it’s unlikely. But I would send in a help ticket to support to see if you can verify your ownership of the account.
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  11. Are you trying to buy from an alt? Becuz it happens in an alt
  12. Hey Sweetie so I need help with this ign thingy, Sorry if I'm disturbing but I have few questions.
    1. How do I use Inactive igns? Like I check that person's profile and see them inactive, then can I use their ign and ATA will not naturally add numbers to my ign. How do I can be sure that no changes will be made to my ign?
    2. How can two persons can have same igns? I have seen, so I asked. Even if both are active.
    🥺💕I will be waiting for the replies and sorry to bother again ,love😿🐾
    💙Wash Your hands and stay safe 💙
  13. There are black avis :)
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  14. 1. If you try to change your name to the ign you want, it will automatically check if the account holding the ign has been inactive long enough for the name to be taken from them. If they are still active, the name change will fail & there will be no change to your ign.

    2. No two players have the exact same ign, the way this seems to be the case is when a player uses a capital i in the place of an L
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  15. Okie huni tysm!~
  16. It seems this hunt it got even harder. I got the the point that I could get the avi (from buying ec) and I only received the male avi and have no chance of making it to 16k before the hunt ends
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  17. I'm sorry to hear about that. All we can do rn is to wait and see what ATA plans to do about future hunts. Although there will still be a lot of future hunts and as you get stronger, the chances of you reaching 8k and 16k faster will also be higher. 💛
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  18. how to recover a account ,i lost its password and my pimd help is not working its its sho invalid session ?
  19. Send a mail to