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  1. Not gonna happen tbh. You can use a CP if you want 2x payout though
  2. Or if it’s the beginning of the event you can hit the player ign TheSpotlight 😊
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  3. Hello in need of help please on max tut plunder ,
    My cs r 10mcs,
    Please help ,if ur available,tysm in advance,🙊🎉
  4. You can find max plunder by multiplying your 10mcs by $15b worth of tuts, so you'd need $150b worth total.
  5. Tusm for ur help , I think I am over , I haven’t found the right ratio yet then,tysm 🌹🖤
  6. Upon briefly inspecting your tutors you’re just about where you should be.
  7. What is plunder vs drops and how do you achieve max. I just downloaded
  8. Plunder refers to the amount of cash you’ll make from hitting, whereas drops are the items given after completing a party. Certain parties have special drops, as well as hunts.
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  9. Honestly don't worry about plunder until after 300kcs, some suggest 1mcs
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  10. Basically this though.

    I didn’t notice much of a difference till I was above 1mcs.
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  11. Well just remember this formula " ur stats x15m if kcs stats & if MCs then 15b so ur 10mcs so 10m x 15b means u need to hire 150b hire value of tuts u can hire either 1 Tut of 150b or 150 tuts of 1b 😅any number of tuts is ok just u need to make sure to have hire value to have max plunder
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  12. Hello! I received part of the masquerade quest from a friend. I've been able to get Rosa Neons no problem, but I haven't gotten ANY of the jewelled necklaces since receiving the quest about 2 weeks ago. Is this just me? How do I fix it?
  13. You have over 6k Jewelled Necklaces. They're buried in your showcase because the questline is from July. Just use the search feature to find them.
  14. Do they add to the quest? Because I can see the 6,000 but I can't seem to achieve any more than that from parties. But with Rosa Neons I can get them from parties no problem. I have to get 11k necklaces total.
  15. Rosa Neons cannot be collected from parties, though. They are only collected via boxes. Jewelled Necklaces are the only ones that drop from parties. :eek:
  16. Oooh okay..! I was expecting them to be in the boxes too. Thanks!
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  17. Does unused furniture increase own stats strength and intelligence?
  18. Can you see someone’s posts on pub if THEY have blocked you?
  19. No, it must be equipped in your dorm.
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  20. yes
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