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  1. Drops from LITE boxes are random and therefore there isn’t anything ATA can do to help you about this. If this is an issue for you, contact them by sending a help ticket, but as I said, they might not be able to help.🌸
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  2. how many chibis/bentos can you sell each
    800 lunar avatar beads? tyia
  3. How do I send/gift extra credits?
  4. You cannot.
  5. Yeah, I have been in pimd for almost 2 years and have never got 999.

    A friend in club has been playing few months and is sooo lucky, in January she got 9 cats in spinner ( i have only gotten cat once) she always get good avi, she got all the avi from January timer box, i got nothing. She gets 499... I really don't know what im doing wrong.

    I personally think new acc have better drops
  6. Depends on which beads you’re selling. But I believe they’re running 100 per bento.
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  7. What is ata doing about lags I'm game as it's getting worst .. every help ticket written had an excuse as an answer .. from our phones being old to us having other apps on our phones .. they even gone to say it's our connections.. but at any flash there's about 60 people with just about any known phone and connection yet it lags to the point where you can't hit parties
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  8. As more players start to play the game I’m sure it becomes difficult for any game to run perfectly smooth at any given point. Especially when multiple players are trying to make the same action at the same time.

    Personally I’d just be patient, or hold back on flashing as much.
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  9. What is "bumping" in the context of a tutor/pupil?
  10. It refers to bumping the tuts price. So usually a pupil will ask a friend to bump their tut if they think they’re underpriced.
  11. Where did the damn party hard XC go this is making me very angry
  12. This isn't the only game with multiples player on at any given times yet this game lag even during non peak hours . This isn't a fluke. Everyone that do any events in game knows it lag like crazy but every questions asked has been brushed off like or this is normal for it to lag like this
  13. I think at this point PIMD has a huge influx of players, and the server might be struggling with that. There are also more and more content and features being thrown out all the time, which is great from a point of view but doesn't make it any smoother to run (see how we usually have issues on changeover). I've found that even the loading screen makes a difference in game loading speed, whether it has animations or is just a still picture.

    I'd suggest clearing data on the app, uninstalling and then reinstalling. Of course this hasn't 100% solved lag for me but it gets a little bit better right after. I have all other apps closed while opening PIMD (nothing running on the background) and my phone is pretty excellent at running other heavier games and apps, so it definitely has to do with the game server and not only with device model. Of course if you have a brick for a phone it will be worse, but I think everyone has experienced lag here.
    Also, try performing cache cleaning on most apps routinely, I've found that it improves my phone's performance overall and it might help with lags in game. For now that's all we can do as players, the rest is waiting and hoping it gets smoother.
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  14. When it will be removed
  15. As stated before, to my knowledge it is removed after ATA is done with their investigation.
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  16. How the heck does spotlight work and why is it only for high stats!
  17. Spotlight is not limited to high stats, but can favor them. It is essentially a contest to keep “the spotlight”, which you can option from hitting the player who has the spotlight. If you have it in your possession you get 4000 points. However losing the spotlight docks you 4000 as well, but every second you hold the spotlight successfully is a point.
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  18. How do you get the spotlight?
  19. By hitting the person who currently has it
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  20. :)I would like to suggest / request for for a pizza party to hv a 2 times payout too at next promo event💃🙏
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