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  1. You can do it unlimited times. The warning is outdated coding that was never removed. As long as your account is connected to an ATA log-in or a Facebook account, you can reaccess it after unlinking.
  2. Bit of a side note, if you’re unlinking to make a new account just be aware you’ll be stuck on the new account (unable to unlink) for 24 hours
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  3. it says that I can no longer use that acc on that device
  4. That's odd... I recommend sending a help ticket and giving ATA the account username and the device name (in your phone settings).
  5. How do you find your combined stats
  6. It is the strength and intel on your profile just add them both together or if you go to your club members and find yourself it will have your combined stats on there
  7. So what would everyone's thoughts be on if Club Officers could buy additional member space???
  8. Neutral.
  9. I’m not against it, but I never really considered it tbh.
  10. how many chibi/bentos for this hunt's invite?
  11. it's really a sellers price, but most people will sell 11 invites for 3-4 bentos. 22 invites for 7-8 bentos
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  12. me n my rs dropped 22 invite n now that club is doing high end. i need suggestions what to do.
    Should we change club now or we should finish our parties. we dropped at starting like 1st party n we were booked for 45 parties. we have reached to 16th party in 2 days untill now. plz give me suggestions what to do.
    plz add me on game
    my ign is ( MR-X )
  13. Did the club advertise that they were doing Haute Couture?
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  14. If it's the club you're currently in, it says right on their wall that the session is for High End. 🤕
  15. I’m so confused about this RS thing. Sometimes my cards go up but they keep not going up right now I’m stuck at 3515 and I have over 400 tarot. I’ve tried Rs with higher number and it doesn’t go up still ? What am I supposed to do to make it higher??? Also I found a perfect match with both sides ✨💖💖💖 but idk what that even does
  16. You have to have a high number of combined tarot cards plus a high compatibility to get more of the crystals.
  17. I cant hit tarot dealer 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  18. Do you have energy? You need to have energy to hit.
  19. What are those RSVP valentine items for?
  20. ATA,i m old member of this pimd but till now why i never got a 499 or 999 from lite box while other new members most of the time gets them... why,is this a good thing, you will loose members if like this happensl always...